Why we choose Hikvision

The most important question to ask yourself when choosing an alarm system:

Which brand of alarm system?

There are a lot of big providers offering you really rubbish, and we want to warn you about that!
We also tell you what you can recognise these providers by, without mentioning names.
What is important about an alarm system:
You will no doubt agree with us that a loud siren should scare away potential burglars. So the siren should do the job of chasing away intruders.
Did you know that the largest security company in Europe always mounts sirens outside under a canopy because the siren they use is not waterproof, and is actually meant for indoor mounting. So the location of the siren is deliberately chosen.
This company has no outdoor sirens in its range, and therefore simply mounts an indoor siren outside. Besides not being waterproof, these sirens are easy to sabotage, as they are not supposed to be mounted outside.
Chances are the siren won’t even work after a rainstorm.
Have you also had a similar alarm system installed with a siren under a shelter? Then switch to a real alarm system from a good brand, instead of the toys you currently own.
But don’t worry, you are just one of tens of millions of people who let cheeky sales representatives foist these quality alarm systems on you.
Stop paying monthly for this quality immediately, and switch to a professional provider with no monthly fee.
But apart from the siren choice, there are many other problems with the systems of national providers, which we will tell you more about later.
Now we will first describe why we only install Hikvision brand alarm systems.

The best alarm system in 2023:
Hikvision AX Pro

Hikvision is the largest camera manufacturer in the world. Hikvision produces as many as 220.000 cameras per day. Hikvision also markets under 50 other brands of cameras, such as Ezviz, which all come from the same factories.
So chances are you already have something from Hikvision in your home, or have heard of it at some point. In the Netherlands, for example, all government buildings are equipped with Hikvision security and cameras.
Since 2021, Hikvision has launched the latest alarm system on the market with the model name AX PRO. Every year, the software is further improved and new detectors are released. This new fully wireless alarm system offers great intrusion detection both inside and outside the home.
Hikvision is not offered at large online shops or DIY stores. For this, you really need to go to a specialist company like us because the possibilities are endless.
All notifications from the system, such as burglary, come straight to your own smartphone for free, and the system works completely without monthly charges.
The AX Pro alarm system offers the most advantages of all alarm systems available worldwide. These include the detectors’ huge wireless range of up to 2,000 metres, low power consumption that makes batteries last up to 7 years, and highly reliable intrusion detectors with video verification that really shows.
The photo quality of the detectors with built-in camera is sublime, appearing on your smartphone within seconds of activation. So you immediately know what action to take in case of a burglary report.
The AX Pro alarm system is the only alarm system that truly links intruder detectors with cameras. If you receive a burglary report from a particular motion detector, the externally paired Hikvision camera will also immediately show the recording of that movement, both inside and outside the house. This feature is unique in security land.
In addition to indoor and outdoor motion detectors, the Hikvision AX Pro range also includes door contacts, vibration contacts, smoke detectors, temperature monitoring, water detection, panic buttons, and switches for operating gates and doors.
Like many modern systems, the AX Pro alarm system uses an App on your smartphone. With the Hik-connect app, you install and control everything from Hikvision.


  • Easier to use than most other alarm systems, all in one application on your smartphone.
  • Hikvision is the only manufacturer that can automatically and wirelessly update detectors with new software. Thus, your system does not get worse as it ages, but rather better, as the latest software from the manufacturer is constantly uploaded to all devices. With other brands, you have to send the detector back to the factory to update the software, and of course nobody starts that.
  • Constant monitoring of wireless signal. Deliberate disruption / sabotage of signal is noticed immediately and communicated via the App to user.
  • Constant connection to the Cloud ensures that any disruption / sabotage of power, internet or mobile network is noticed immediately.
  • Indoor siren of 110db, which is louder than most other brands.
  • Connection to monitoring centre possible, but not mandatory.
  • No monthly fee to use all functions.
  • Intrusion detection both inside and outside, with many expansion options.
  • Extremely durable, batteries in detectors last up to 7 years.
  • Detectors report to the control centre every minute to ensure correct operation.
  • Detection zone test with sound signal, making it easy to test during daytime during system installation.
  • Large wireless range of detectors up to 2,000 metres and extendable with extenders up to 8 kilometres.
  • Detector status clearly displayed in App, such as signal strength and battery.
  • Intrusion verification always possible with photo and video.
  • Pet-friendly, Hikvision outdoor detectors are the most reliable, and do not generate an alarm when cats are seen or the weather changes.
  • False alarms can always be ruled out by the “double tap” function. This allows a sensor to go into alarm only on two movements within the preset number of seconds. This feature is unique and only available from Hikvision.
  • Best protection against detectors creeping under.
  • Higher IP certification on waterproofness of outdoor detectors than many other brands.
  • Possibility to have loud siren sound only after several seconds or minutes and receive the intrusion notification only on your smartphone first. Ideal for at night when you are at home yourself, but don’t want to wake up the whole street immediately.
  • Easy operation via App, or remote control or keypad or tag or automatically time-based.
  • Electric gates can be operated with the standard remote control.
    Critical notifications in the smartphone App HikConnect can be activated, so that one always receives all notifications, regardless of the sound profile.

Many wireless systems are easy to sabotage

Online comparison sites that claim that a particular brand of alarm is the best unfortunately cannot be trusted. They only promote products from which they themselves earn something. As soon as you purchase the product in question through their link, the cash register for the article writer starts ringing. The brands that earn the most commission get the highest score.
For instance, the well-known US site CNET.COM tests every year which brand of alarm system is best for your money.
This year (2023), they once again came up with the Simplisafe brand.
Check out the image below, a screenshot from relevant website:

Vergelijkingssites zijn onbetrouwbaar

Here, Simplisafe receives the designation of best home alarm system that can be installed by yourself. Below this text, the source page also mentions that the system costs a whopping 28 euros per month. We do understand how Simplisafe can give this high commission to CNET. (Offering a cheap to manufacture alarm system at a high price).
Want to know how good, or rather how unreliable this Simplisafe alarm system really is?
Then watch the video below, where you can see that the alarm system is rendered unusable for as little as 2 euros. You think you are well protected with supposedly the best alarm system according to CNET, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The lesson from this is that you should not blindly trust what comparison websites write.
Such sites do not exist to properly inform you. They are there purely for their own interest, their wallets. The higher the amount a manufacturer offers for a sale through their website, the better the product scores.
This is also how it works with alarm system representatives. You will undoubtedly see many salespeople driving on the road from alarm system providers.

All these people drive around to pocket commission by selling you an alarm system.

The higher the commission, the further they are willing to go to sell you an overpriced poor-quality alarm system with ever-increasing monthly charges.

Don’t fall for this and eliminate the middleman by doing business directly with truly reliable security companies. Not with representatives who only care about one thing – getting commission.

As a side note: On this page, we show a video of how easy it is to sabotage a Simplysafe brand wireless alarm system with a signal jammer. We chose this brand as an example because we wanted to show that you should not blindly trust comparison websites. In reality, we could have mentioned many more brands here, all of which are similarly easy to sabotage. Indeed, no national provider active in Spain checks for sabotage of the wireless signal, which means that all these systems can easily be switched off without the property owner knowing.
Shame to pay subscription fees every month for these unreliable systems, right?

Are you now also paying monthly subscription fees for your alarm system? Then know that any burglar with a signal jammer can disable your alarm system without you or a connected monitoring station finding out. So you are paying for false security.
If you do want to have a reliable alarm system installed, with detection on signal jamming, contact us.