Mounting examples

See what we have made at other clients to prevent break-ins, rather than record them.
Because remember: Only with outdoor detection will you prevent a real burglary in the home.
With outside detection, the siren goes off before the intruder arrives at the house and can start his burglary attempt.
And it will be no surprise to hear that any intruder runs away as soon as the outdoor siren is activated, alerting the whole street.


Warning sign

Preventing a burglary can only be done by applying exterior detection. But the first deterrent is done by mounting our warning sign on the facade.
Of course, we have to give potential burglars a warning that their arrival will not go unnoticed.
Since we only work with the very best security systems, a thief already knows that he had better go to another house that is not secured by us.
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Burglars prefer to work in silence. That’s why they all run away hard as soon as the outdoor siren alerts the entire street that something is up.
Each siren we install produces 110db volume.
Of course, it is also possible to install multiple sirens both inside and outside.
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Indoor detectors

If you opt for outdoor detection, we always mount an additional backup sensor inside the house. Inside the house, it is often not nice to hang separate cameras, but in order to verify an alarm, it is convenient if you can see who is inside.
This is why we often choose a high-quality photo camera built into the Hikvision motion detector.
This sends 10 photos of any movement to your smartphone within seconds. This camera works even when there is no power and no internet, in other words, it works under all circumstances. So you always have evidence of a break-in.
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Outdoor detectors

Outdoor detectors look like this, and this model can monitor an area of 175 square metres.

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Outdoor detectors ensure that the siren is activated as soon as someone takes 1 step in the garden. This effectively prevents a break-in, as no person is going to start an attempted break-in if the siren is already bellowing.
People often ask us if the police will automatically come to check on an alarm. But if the intruder has already been chased away before the burglary has taken place, the police will request you to call back only when a burglary has actually taken place. You will understand that with outdoor detection, the need to call the police is often completely eliminated.
Important to know: Many alarm system representatives claim to be able to offer forwarding to the police through a control room. This is a lie! No private home has automatic forwarding to the police, not in the whole of Europe.
An alarm centre (which you have to pay for every month) only calls you when a burglary is reported, and if you miss their call, nothing happens and nobody comes to look at your house. So an alarm centre offers no added value: at most, they call you to tell you that a burglary has occurred. That can also be done automatically, for free and faster. So don’t be fooled by the many lies many alarm system providers tell you. It is always just about making money/commission, and to get this, many lies are told.
There are different types of outdoor detectors, and the difference is in the detection method and mounting height. The detectors in these images detect in a straight line, both to the left and right of the detector.
An area of 15 metres can be monitored per side.
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Securing windows and doors from the outside can be done with this curtain detector from Hikvision.
It can monitor an area of up to 10 metres.
As soon as someone touches the window or door with their hand, the siren will sound.
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Switching the alarm system on and off can be done in several ways:
  • Tag reader (as shown)
  • Remote control (wireless range 900 metres)
  • Keyboard panel
  • Own smartphone
When renting out, we always recommend using a Tag reader. The renter then receives a Tag and can hold it in front of the reader to switch the alarm on and off. Very easy to use.
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Of course, you want to be able to verify every alarm report against camera images. That is why we mount cameras wherever you want. Completely wireless, without any hacking or breaking. Thanks to the built-in solar panel in the camera, battery charging is also a thing of the past. Monitor your home from anywhere in the world with a user-friendly app on your smartphone.
Optional colour night vision is also possible.
Camera images can be stored indefinitely if required, without monthly charges.
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Below we show some more images of homes we have recently secured.

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Since November 2019, more than 1,800 people in Spain have benefited from the installation of an alarm system by us. No burglary attempt has succeeded in any house we have equipped with an outdoor detection system with 100% coverage.
However, we do receive videos almost every week from our customers where intruders are immediately chased away by just a few steps into the garden, and we are quite proud of that.

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