Why install an alarm system with us?

Alarmsysteem in Spanje zonder maandelijkse kosten

We do not work with contracts, not with representatives

With us, you do not have to sign a 3-year contract that will quickly cost you several thousand euros during this period.
With us, you pay a fair price for the products and the installation, and that is all.
Nor do we work with representatives who talk you into a system on the basis of commission, thereby making the price of a system unnecessarily expensive.
As a result, our alarm systems are not only much cheaper, but also of significantly higher quality, which you will notice in everything.
Fixed price for an alarmsystem in your property in Spain

One-off purchase, no monthly fees

After a one-off payment for the system itself, no monthly fees apply.
This is unique in this industry. Almost all other alarm system providers make you pay every month, and a higher amount every year. And if you stop paying, their system becomes unusable.
So think 3 times before you allow yourself to be talked into an alarm that you are obliged to pay for every month. These subscriptions will cost you tens of thousands of euros.

Alarmsysteem voor huis in Spanje wat niet te jammen in

Check for Jamming of wireless signal

Alarm systems from many major security companies offer no control on jamming of the wireless signal. Despite their own claims that this is checked. Don’t fall for that, it’s not true.
(Always ask for proof, as they cannot provide this to you!)
We are able to get into any house equipped with an alarm system of well-known large security companies with a “jammer” without you or the police being informed. If we can do it, so can any thief!
So it is of utmost importance that you have an alarm system installed that also reports sabotage of the wireless signal to you!
Beste alarmsysteem voor je woning in Spanje

Quality systems from Hikvision

Almost all alarm systems today are wireless, but with a huge difference in quality between brands.
Did you know that 99.9% of wireless alarm systems in Europe can be sabotaged with a readily available “Jammer”? Your home is then completely unprotected while your alarm is on! (You think you are well protected, but nothing could be further from the truth!)
This cannot happen to you with our systems.
We work with the largest security brand in the world: Hikvision.
With Hikvision wireless alarm systems, you are assured that any sabotage attempt with “Jammers” / signal disruptors will be noticed immediately and reported to the user.

Installation carried out by English-speaking experts

Full installation in Spain is carried out by our own staff, who can explain everything about the system and the application on your smartphone. The alarm system can be used entirely with your own smartphone.
You never have to wait long to secure your home. We have everything in stock.

We are your alarm installer in south east Spain

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