Service after installation

Free support after installation:

If you have had the alarm system installed by us, we provide the following service completely free of charge during the warranty period of 2 years after installation.

Telephone support for questions during working days (our preference is via WhatsApp)

Software adjustments to the system if required, we can provide this remotely for you. 

The most frequently asked questions after an installation are about how the App works. For the Hikvision alarm system and Eufy camera systems, we have written web pages with the most common questions/problems and how to solve them. If your question is still not answered after reading these pages, please contact us.

Alarm system support page Camera system support page

Faulty product replacement under warranty

With electrical devices, it can happen that something breaks. Unfortunately, this sometimes also happens with alarm systems or cameras.

All products have a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

Normally, repairs/replacements with these types of electronic devices go by post.

To provide an extra service, you can choose from the 3 options below. 

Option 1

Free of charge on location replacement.
(Possible up to 6 months after installation)
Up to 6 months after installation, we can visit you free of charge to fix the problem when we are nearby for another installation.

We cannot arrange a fixed date for this, you will have to be patient so we can combine it with an installation nearby. *

Option 2

Processing by post.
(Possible up to 24 months after installation)
You want the problem fixed quickly. Then you can return the product by post for repair or replacement.

Contact us by email for a return form and use the videos on this page to see how to disassemble the product.

Option 3

Immediate on-location replacement for a fee.
(Possible up to 10 years after installation)

You want us to fix the problem immediately?
These costs are: €0.75 per km to and from Torrevieja + €99 (excl. VAT) service costs.
Product guarantee up to 24 months after installation.

* If the property is inland where we do not come on a weekly basis, we recommend choosing option 2.

Instruction videos 
Changing batteries/disassembling detectors

Indoor detectors
Instruction battery change & disassembly

Instruction battery change & disassembly


If you prefer to send an e-mail, please send it to

Send an email to us if you want a return form.

Also see our FAQ / Questions and answers:

Answers to most frequently asked questions