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  1. What does an alarm for my home cost?
    This depends entirely on your requirements and whether you want indoor or outdoor detection.
    You can secure your home for as little as € 449, including VAT and installation.
    With this basis, you optimally secure the most valuable area of your home, namely your living room. It also prevents squatters from taking possession of your home without notifying you immediately.
    Of course, the system can be expanded as desired.
    Contact us to discuss all possibilities, or take a look at our ‘what will it cost‘ page.

  2. In which area of Spain do we install?
    We install throughout south-east Spain.
  3. Why do people choose our alarm systems?
    We offer a better-quality alarm system from world leader Hikvision.
    No subscription. No further costs after a one-off payment.
    Cannot be sabotaged with jammers or signal disruptors.
    Real customisation possible, so a burglary can actually be prevented.
    (Many systems can only register with indoor detection).
  4. Proud of our reviews
    Personal attention is appreciated, as evidenced by the reviews we receive from our customers, which can be read on Google. (View our Google reviews here)

  5. Who are our clients?
    Mainly Dutch- or English-speaking people, living in south-eastern Spain.

  6. How much are the installation costs?
    All prices shown include installation throughout south-east Spain.
  7. How much time does an average installation take?
    About 30 minutes for a flat or house with indoor detection, and 2 to 3 hours for a detached villa with outdoor detection.
    Installation is always carried out by 2 specialists with years of experience in burglary protection.

  8. You have a specific budget you want to spend on home security?
    That’s good to hear. Make this known and our specialists will tell you exactly what the best choice is within this budget.
  9. What does a complete exterior detection system cost?
    This depends entirely on your requirements and the type of house. The average cost of outdoor detection for a detached villa in combination with cameras is 2500 to 3500 euros, but you can make it as expensive as you want.
    If you want to see the possibilities offered by outside detection, read the explanation on this page.

  10. Getting a cheaper quote elsewhere, is it possible?
    It certainly can, because getting a lower quote is very easy by simply choosing a lower number, and less expensive detectors. (Or a completely different brand.)
    With outdoor detection in particular, you can reduce the price considerably by choosing cheaper detectors that offer less to no protection against tampering or simply give a false alarm more often if a cat walks through the garden.
    Comparing providers on price is impossible because the materials used differ.
    We believe that delivering quality is much more important than offering the lowest price. This quality is reflected in the properties of the detectors we choose and the guarantees we offer.
    If you let us make you an offer, we assume that you are looking for the highest quality. Read more about comparing prices and the guarantees you get with us here. You are guaranteed not to find what we describe anywhere else!
  11. Does the alarm system also protect against squatters?
    In Spain, as an owner, you only have 24 hours to a maximum of 48 hours to have squatters removed from your property by the police. So it is of utmost importance that you are informed immediately if someone enters your property illegally. With our systems, you will know within 1 second so you can alert the police immediately.

  12. What connection is needed for the alarm system?
    The hub, the system’s central unit, needs a power connection and a working wired internet connection. For locations where permanent internet is not available, you can opt for a SIM card, which you can order for €59.95 per year.
  13. What happens in case of power failure?
    Power failure is not a problem. The system has a 16-hour backup battery. During this period, the entire system can continue to operate normally.
  14. What happens if the internet goes down?
    Internet outages are always reported immediately on your smartphone. Even during internet failure, the system continues to function normally. With a SIM card as backup in the Hub/central unit, intrusion notifications can also be sent directly to your smartphone. Without a SIM card as backup, you will only receive an immediate notification that the internet is offline.
    The siren will always sound in the event of a burglary. So even without power and without internet, the siren will always work in case of an intrusion attempt. 
  15. No internet available yet, can the system be installed?
    Yes, we can install everything, even without internet.

  16. Are there monthly fees to use all the features of the system?
    No. All functions are free to use. You buy the system and do not rent it as with many other providers.

    As the intrusion alerts do not arrive at an alarm centre, but on your own phone, there is no monthly charge for this.
  17. Isn’t an emergency room better than calling the police yourself?
    No, absolutely not! The police themselves also state that it is better to contact the police yourself in case of a burglary attempt than to have it done by an emergency room.
    The police give a much higher priority to burglary reports if they are made by the owner himself.
  18. Can the system be connected to a monitoring station?
    Of course it can, but we do not recommend it in most cases.

    An alarm centre may call the police only after several detectors have gone into alarm, and only after they have spoken to you, the owner. So they always call you first, wasting valuable time.

  19. Many alarm system providers claim that their system is linked to police forces.
    This is said to persuade you to sign an expensive and long-term contract. No house is directly connected to the police control room.

  20. Some vendors claim that the police will not come to check if you do not have a contract with the monitoring centre. Is this true?
    Scaremongering, and absolutely not true. Only the vendors who try to foist an expensive contract on you tell this nonsense.

    Of course, the police will always come if you call them to report that there is a stranger in your garden or house.
  21. Who replaces the batteries when they run out after 4 years?
    You can maintain the whole system yourself. Replacing the batteries can be done by anyone without technical knowledge.
  22. What is the lifetime of the batteries in the detectors?
    This varies between 3 and 7 years per detector.

  23. Do cats or other pets affect the alarm system?
    No, cats and other small pets can move freely when the alarm is on. Only humans are detected.
  24. How does the alarm system operate?
    Switching the alarm system on and off can be done via your own smartphone, but possibly also with a remote control on your keychain. There is also the possibility of using a keypad or tag reader for switching on and off. The number of users that can operate the system is infinite.

  25. Which product is most often chosen as an extension to the packages shown?
    Besides any additional motion detectors, people often choose one or a few smoke detectors. From July 2022, having smoke detectors in every home in Europe will be mandatory!

  26. What is the best brand of alarm system in 2023?
    We work exclusively with the Hikvision brand. This is absolutely the best brand right now, and it is also the largest security manufacturer in the world, More information on why Hikvision is our absolute favourite can be found here.

  27. Do we have references?
    We have been selling alarm systems since 2019. Since then, we have sold and installed thousands of systems. Some installations we have carried out are listed on our projects page.
    On it, we show about 50 installations we have carried out. This gives you an idea of the capabilities of the detectors, and in which location of the home we install them.
    (Currently available only in Dutch)
  28. There are many providers, what can we compare to?
    We are unique in our prices, quality and service.
    As a result, you cannot compare us to any other company.
    Yet people like to compare the proverbial apples to oranges. People ask us for a quote and then want to compare it with companies like Securitas or Prosegur or Sector alarm.
    This always makes us laugh a little, because although all these companies offer an alarm system, any comparison ends there.
    People forget that all these companies only offer alarm systems in combination with a contract and monthly costs, and that we install a system for a one-off fee.
    This makes the purchase seem cheaper than our offer at first, but soon the competition is many times more expensive due to the fees you have to pay monthly.
    These costs vary, but often have a starting rate of 40 euros per month for an indoor detection system that doesn’t actually benefit you much. And if outdoor detection is chosen, the additional cost per outdoor detector is 15 euros per month. Thus, a simple outdoor alarm system at these companies can quickly exceed 100 euros per month.
    In short: You might save on the installation, but right after that you pay 100 euros too much every month, and that for the rest of your life. Or at least for the years you want an alarm system at your disposal. After all: As soon as you stop making monthly payments, the system becomes unusable.
    Just because of the subscription fees elsewhere, fair comparison is not possible. But there are many more differences that make comparison impossible.

  29. What are the most common mistakes people make when choosing between alarm providers
    – That they do not look into the real cost after the promotional months.
    – That they allow themselves to be persuaded by pushy representatives who show up at your door uninvited to sign a contract for a supposedly good alarm system. Every lie is trotted out to get you to sign the contract for their own commission.
    – Not realising enough that the monthly cost increases every year.
    – Not knowing that the system will stop working if they want to stop the monthly payments.
    – That the contract they sign at the start is for 3 or even 5 years, and that it is very difficult to cancel after that. They are real strangulation contracts.
    – And finally, the most important: That they do not investigate the quality of the system they have installed.
    For example, there are large security companies that don’t even have a real outdoor siren in the range, and as a result mount an indoor siren, which is not waterproof, outside under a shelter. Typical of the quality of the whole system, a siren can be disabled with a plant sprayer and a little water.
    You wouldn’t expect it from the largest security company in Europe, and yet it is. Profits and being able to advertise a lot are much more important than installing a high-quality system for many companies. So don’t choose the biggest, choose the best, and read online reviews before making a decision.
    But there are many other imperfections in alarm systems from big providers that many are unaware of, such as the ease with which the wireless signal can be disturbed without anyone noticing. We ourselves are able to completely disable any wireless alarm system from large nationwide security companies without anyone knowing about it, but for which millions of people pay monthly.
    Want advice from real experts who do work with high-quality products, and have your best interests at heart? Then contact us.

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