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  1. Can you come to me for a quote?
    We are happy to visit you for an installation, but not for a quotation.
    This is because we can tell you in advance exactly what it will cost without coming by for this.
    We do this through our smart working method, which we discuss below.
    In all situations, securing your home starts with a starter kit, this basic system contains the minimum necessities such as the central unit, siren, remote control and motion detector: This basic system costs € 449,- including VAT and installation.
    With this basic system, you optimally secure the most valuable room in your home, your living room. It also prevents squatters from taking possession of your home without immediately notifying you.
    Besides the basic system, there are expansion options:
    Expansion is possible with both indoor and outdoor detectors.
    You can expand as far as you want and your budget allows.
    The additional price is the price of the detectors concerned added to the price of € 449,-.
    Thanks to our fixed prices, which are the same for everyone, we can work efficiently. Without us having to visit you beforehand, you already know that for € 449,- we can install a complete basic system that warns you about burglars and squatters.
    During installation, in consultation with the installers who will advise you, you determine where additional detectors, if any, can be placed to achieve the desired coverage kwa security. Especially for detached houses, we recommend having outdoor detectors installed by us to really prevent a break-in.

    The prices of all detectors are listed on our homepage.
    This also allows you to already estimate the total costs if you want to expand the basic system.
    Of course, we can also well imagine that you would like to hear an exact or reasonably exact price for a complete customised security package before we arrive.
    We fully understand this and can achieve this by obtaining more information about your property, either by phone or WhatsApp. More information on this can be found at question 6.
    In addition to the basic package and customised options, we also offer total packages with indoor detectors and outdoor cameras. This makes it even easier to know what a total security system will cost you. (View total packages here)
    This way of working makes it possible for us to be the only installation company in Spain to offer you the most professional alarm system without monthly costs for such a low amount!
    We prefer to spend the time we save by making quotations on better prices and good service, as evidenced by the reviews we receive from our customers, which can be read on Google.
    Our strength?
    The best alarm system at a fair price, with no subscription, saving you up to a thousand euros a year, every year.

  2. In which area of Spain do we install?
    We install to everyone in a radius up to about 250km from Torrevieja in Spain.
    We are working weekly in: Denia, Jávea, Oliva, Moraira, Benissa, Calpe, Altea, Benidorm, Finestrat, Alcoy, Villajoyosa, Alicante, Orihuela, Elche, Murcia, Pilar de la Horadada, Quesada, Rojales, San Pedro del Pinatar and Cartagena.

  3. Why do people choose our alarm systems?
    Firstly, because of our expertise in outdoor detection. With outdoor detection, you prevent a real break-in.
    The siren goes off as soon as someone enters your garden. This prevents burglary damage and further inconvenience.
    In addition to standard alarm system packages, we also offer truly customised solutions. We carefully examine all the weak points of a house and offer a perfect security solution.
    Alarm system sellers who often show up at your door uninvited, such as Securitas, sell you a poor-quality basic set for which you have to pay more every month and which is not tailored to your needs.
    This is not how we work. We offer the best system for a one-time fee, which you can then enjoy for life.
    So people also consciously choose us to avoid spending a high amount on subscription fees every month. (And the fact that our systems are also of much higher quality is, of course, a nice bonus).

  4. Who are our clients?
    Mainly Dutch- or English-speaking people, living in south-eastern Spain.
    We ourselves live in Torrevieja, which is 45 km below Alicante.

  5. Contact us not too late, here’s why:
    We are seeing a huge increase in burglaries in Spain due to high vacancy rates and world problems. With more and more families becoming homeless, the number of squats in Spain is also increasing dramatically.
    If squatters have demonstrably stayed in your property for more than 24 to 48 hours, the police will no longer help to get them out.
    Realise that if your property is squatted, it often takes 2 years before you are legally allowed to re-enter your own home, in a state you do not want to find it in.
    So don’t wait until it’s too late to install an alarm system.
    Every day we install somewhere after a burglary. We find that so unfortunate.
    People always contact us a day too late. Will you contact us in time to prevent a real break-in?

  6. How do you know what can be added to the basic €449 package?
    Our advisers, who are also technicians, can tell you exactly this once they know what kind of home you want to secure. Important to know is the number of indoor rooms and any desire for outdoor detection application.
    You can of course tell us over the phone, but it is even easier and clearer if you send us photos. That way we know exactly what kind of rooms are involved and can offer you an exact total price.

  7. How do you send us photos or videos?
    You can send images to us via WhatsApp.
    Follow the WhatsApp link (click) to open WhatsApp on your smartphone and get in touch with us directly.

  8. How much are the installation costs?
    This depends on your location. We charge €0.40 per kilometre from our Torrevieja location to your home, return, so times 2.
    Calculation example: If your home is in Benidorm (97 km one way), the installation price is 97 x 2 x € 0.4 = € 77.60
    This price includes petrol, travel time and installation time for 2 people who come to perform the installation.

  9. What is the total price of an alarm system including installation?
    € 449 + additional detectors if required + travel costs (depending on your location).
    Example of what the total price might look like:
    – Complete basic system € 449,-
    – Additional detectors of your choice, e.g. 2x € 69,- = € 138,-
    – Travel costs to Alicante 2 x 45km (distance) x € 0.40 (km allowance) = € 36,-
    Total: € 449,- + € 138,- + € 36,- = € 623,-

  10. How much time does an average installation take?
    About 30 minutes for a flat or house with indoor detection, and 2 to 3 hours for a detached villa with outdoor detection.

  11. What does an installation appointment look like?
    If you make an installation appointment with us, we will arrive at your place at the agreed time.
    If we have not discussed in advance what may be made, we will walk through the house or garden together. We advise which detectors are needed in which place, so you know what the total price will be.

  12. You have a specific budget you want to spend on home security?
    That’s good to hear. The starter package always costs €449 and you can expand with additional products until you reach your desired budget.
    Depending on the budget, only indoor detection or also outdoor detection is possible.
    Indoor detection is cheaper, but outdoor detection is better because it really prevents a burglary.

  13. What does a complete exterior detection system cost?
    For a detached villa, you should expect the price of the alarm system to be between €1,100 and €2,000, excluding cameras. For really large houses, the price can obviously become higher, as more detectors are required there.

  14. Are cameras necessary to complement an alarm system?
    When you hear the siren or get a notification on your mobile phone, you naturally want to know what is going on.
    If you only have indoor detection, you immediately call the police that there has been a break-in because the thief is already in your house. Cameras outside then offer less value because the harm has already been done.
    With outdoor detection it is a different story, where cameras are much more necessary.
    Cameras are necessary to verify what happens when the intruder in your garden hears the siren:
    – If the intruder runs away hard, you don’t have to do anything, because he hasn’t been further than your garden.
    – If the intruder starts his burglary attempt despite the loud siren, you call the local police. This can also be done easily from your home.

  15. How many cameras are required for a detached villa?
    Normally 2, to cover 4 sides of the house.
    Because the cameras are completely wireless, they can also be easily mounted where they face the house, so the image obtained can be used to view two sides of the house.
    Old-fashioned wired cameras are always mounted on the facade of the house, so you need at least 4 cameras to see everything. With wireless cameras, you save on the number of cameras needed and, thanks to the latest technology, the image quality is excellent.

  16. My budget is €1,000-what is best to take for that?
    Every home is different, so there is no standard answer as to what is best for your property. However, we can tell you that detecting burglars outside the home with exterior detection prevents real burglary damage.
    So if the home and budget allow, we focus on exterior detection. A combination of indoor and outdoor detectors is possible for €1,000.

  17. Do I have to say what I want in advance?
    No. We show the products and prices of the detectors mainly to give you an idea of the total cost of the system.
    When the technicians are on site, they have all the products with them, and determine with the customer what is best to install.

  18. What is the difference between our systems and those of national providers?
    We work with Hikvision, the largest security manufacturer in the world.
    National providers work with their own system, which is much worse in quality, but also much more expensive because it is always linked to a subscription.
    The biggest disadvantage of wireless systems is the jamming possibilities, or jamming of the wireless signal so that the alarm no longer works.
    These “jammers” can be bought online for just a few tenner, and are thus used to easily and undetectably invade houses equipped with a particular brand of alarm. The alarm systems we work with are fully protected against these jamming capabilities.
    If jamming is detected, you will always receive a notification of this on your smartphone. This is the great strength of the latest technology from the market leader in security!
    Want to discover more differences between us and other brands? We have a page dedicated to it. After reading it, you will understand that our systems and the way we work are truly incomparable.
    So think carefully about which brand of alarm system you choose: The quality of the wireless signal is everything!

  19. Does the alarm system also protect against squatters?
    In Spain, as an owner, you only have 24 hours to a maximum of 48 hours to have squatters removed from your property by the police. So it is of utmost importance that you are informed immediately if someone enters your property illegally. With our systems, you will know within 1 second so you can alert the police immediately.

  20. What connection is needed for the alarm system?
    The hub, the system’s central unit, needs a power connection and a working wired internet connection. For locations where permanent internet is not available, you can opt for a SIM card, which you can order for €49.95 per year. 
    No wireless internet/wifi is needed, as the system uses its own wireless network with a range of up to 10KM. All wireless products can therefore be used even in the very largest homes. Securing even the largest airport in the world with 1 system is no problem at all.
    Power failure is no problem either. The system has a 16-hour backup battery. During this period, the entire system can continue to function normally.
    Internet failure is always reported immediately on your smartphone. Even during internet outages, the system continues to function normally. With a SIM card as backup in the Hub/central unit, intrusion notifications can also be sent directly to your smartphone. Without a SIM card as backup, you will only receive an immediate notification that the internet is offline.
    The siren will always sound in the event of a burglary. So even without power and without internet, the siren will always work in case of an intrusion attempt.

  21. No internet available yet, can the system be installed?
    Yes, we can install everything, even without internet.

  22. The system works over the internet, what if the internet goes down?
    You will immediately receive a notification on your smartphone of a non-working internet connection so that you can restore it. In the event of a burglary detection, the siren will continue to sound. The intrusion notification comes to your phone as soon as the internet connection is restored.

  23. Are there monthly fees to use all the features of the system?
    No. All functions are free to use. You buy the system and do not rent it as with many other providers. 
    As the intrusion alerts do not arrive at an alarm centre, but on your own phone, there is no monthly charge for this.

  24. Isn’t an emergency room better than calling the police yourself?
    No, absolutely not! The police themselves also state that it is better to contact the police yourself in case of a burglary attempt than to have it done by an incident room.
    The police give a much higher priority to burglary reports if they are made by the owner himself.
    In fact, control rooms send the police to idle reports far too often, so the police give these reports from control rooms a lower priority. Lately, in some regions, we even hear that the police there no longer come to check a report from an emergency room at all.

  25. Can the system be connected to a monitoring station?
    This is of course possible, but we do not recommend it in most cases.
    Why not? We are happy to explain.
    An alarm centre may call the police only after several detectors have gone into alarm, and only after they have spoken to you, the owner. So they always call you first, wasting precious time.
    You should always agree to call the police first because police calls without burglar alarms incur high costs for you. These police costs can amount to thousands of euros.
    Therefore, if you miss the call from the control room, nothing at all will happen.
    Receiving an instant burglary alert on your own smartphone is faster and free! Indeed, the starting rate of an emergency room subscription is 35 euros a month, and for that all they do is call you in case of an alarm.
    Besides: Almost 100% of burglars leave immediately when the siren sounds. And with our outdoor detection, the siren goes off immediately when the burglar is just standing in your garden.
    So the police don’t even need to be called if you see on the camera images that the burglar is leaving.
    Moreover, burglar alarms are given a much higher priority by the police if the owner of the house sounds the alarm himself. Indeed, alarm centres still too often send the police to idle reports, resulting in the police not coming to check until several hours later or not at all.
    If you read the fine print of the monitoring centre contract, you will also see that the police will not be called without your permission. Your permission is needed because you will then be responsible for any charges the police may recover from you if the burglar alarm turns out to be false.
    It should be clear that we do not recommend an alarm centre connection anytime soon.

  26. Many alarm system providers claim that their system is linked to police forces.
    This is said to persuade you to sign an expensive and long-term contract. No house is directly connected to the police control room.

  27. Some vendors claim that the police will not come to check if you do not have a contract with the monitoring centre. Is this true?
    Scaremongering, and absolutely not true. Only the vendors who try to foist an expensive contract on you tell this nonsense.
    Of course, the police always come when you call them to report that there is a stranger in your garden or house.
    So subscribing to an emergency room is definitely a waste of money.
    You are much quicker to call the police yourself if necessary, and it’s free too. But as we wrote, every burglar flees upon hearing the siren, so calling the police is rarely necessary.
    Especially with outdoor detection, the siren goes off as soon as someone takes one step in the garden. When the siren then goes off, any burglar flees to a street further away, or to the neighbours.

  28. Who replaces the batteries when they run out after 4 years?
    You can maintain the whole system yourself. Replacing the batteries can be done by anyone without technical knowledge. Batteries are available both from us and in almost every supermarket. For each type of detector, a clear manual in your own language is available. You can easily find this manual in the Hik-Connect App on your mobile phone.
    If you do not want to replace the batteries yourself, you can choose to take out a service contract, in which case we will come and replace the batteries when they are empty. More information on this can be found here.

  29. What is the lifetime of the batteries in the detectors?
    This varies between 3 and 7 years per detector.
    After that, you can easily replace them yourself. In the Hik-Connect app, you will find a manual in Dutch on how to do this. But we also have handy videos available that show you how to replace the battery. Most detectors contain batteries of type CR123A. We recommend this type of battery from the Duracell brand, as they last the longest.

  30. Do cats or other pets affect the alarm system?
    Pets such as cats can simply walk around when the alarm is activated. However, it is important that you inform our technicians that you own cats. The detectors should be set to a special animal-friendly mode so that the detectors do not respond if the cat walks through your house or garden.
    In general, pets up to 30 kilos and up to 80 cm do not pose a problem. So if you have a dog that is not too big, you can just do that too.
    Whatever pet you have, our technicians can always make it so that it is not affected by the alarm.

  31. How does the alarm system operate?
    Switching the alarm system on and off can be done via your own smartphone, but possibly also with a remote control on your keychain. There is also the possibility of using a keypad or tag reader for switching on and off. The number of users that can operate the system is infinite.

  32. Which product is most often chosen as an extension to the packages shown?
    Besides any additional motion detectors, people often choose one or a few smoke detectors. From July 2022, having smoke detectors in every home in Europe will be mandatory!

  33. What is the best brand of alarm system in 2023?
    We work exclusively with the Hikvision brand. This is absolutely the best brand right now, and it is also the largest security manufacturer in the world, More information on why Hikvision is our absolute favourite can be found here.

  34. Do we have references?
    We have been selling alarm systems since 2019. Since then, we have sold and installed thousands of systems. Some installations we have carried out are listed on our projects page. (Currently available only in Dutch)
    On it, we show some 50 installations we have carried out. This gives you a bit of an idea of the capabilities of the detectors, and in which location of the home we install them. Unfortunately, we cannot show you all our security secrets; of course, we don’t want to make burglars too wise.
  35. Comparing providers
    Finally, a point to watch out for when comparing alarm system providers. Almost all providers advertise along the lines of first 3 months free, or first 6 months only €9.95 per month.
    No one tells you what the price will be after that, and how much the monthly cost will be in the future. Because 1 thing is for sure, every 6 to 12 months the monthly cost goes up. And if you decide to stop paying, the system becomes unusable, and you can look for a new alarm system again.
    Apart from being shady about the actual monthly cost, many providers are also reluctant to mention which brand, or unbranded alarm system they work with. The quality of the system is often low.
    Moreover, the contract that you always have to sign states that you will only get the system on loan, so it never becomes your property, and that you will be stuck with it for at least 3 or even 5 years.
    So an alarm system that is advertised to be free to use for 6 months can easily cost 5,000 euros over a 5-year period, and after that time you continue to pay. Realise this well when you sign a contract from a security company.

Do you have a question that is not answered here?
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Important to know when making an appointment:

– When we visit you, we discuss your exact requirements (if not done beforehand) and install the alarm system immediately.
– We do not just come to you to view your property and offer a quote.
– If you require an exact quote before our arrival, this can be discussed over the phone or by video call.
– You pay a one-off fee for an alarm system that is immediately your full property and usable for decades.
– All our products have a fixed price as listed on this website.

In this way, we are as transparent as possible, so you will never face any surprises afterwards. We want to be the most reliable security company in Europe, because unfortunately there are already enough unreliable companies. If you appreciate our passion for security, we would be happy to make an appointment with you.

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