Answers to frequently asked questions

  1. Who are our clients?
    These are residents of south east Spain, who are looking for the best security system for their home. Usually Dutch or English speaking, and living in the area between Denia and Murcia / Cartagena. Our company is often advised by estate agents when buying or selling a house, because (holiday) homes in Spain cannot be left unoccupied without a proper alarm system due to the risk of burglary and squatters. In 2022 we will again see a huge increase in the number of burglaries in Spain due to the high vacancy rate and world problems. As more and more families become homeless, the number of squats in Spain also increases enormously. Be aware that if your house is squatted, it will often take 2 to 3 years before you have legally arranged to re-enter your own home in a state you do not want to find.
    So don’t wait until it is too late to install an alarm system. Every day, we install something after a burglary. We find that so unfortunate. People always contact us a few weeks too late. Will you contact us in time to prevent a real burglary?
  2. In which area in Spain do we install?
    We install to everyone within a radius of about 200km from Torrevieja in Spain.
  3. Why do people choose our alarm systems?
    Firstly, because of our expertise in outdoor detection. With outside detection, you prevent a real burglary. The siren sounds when someone takes one step into your garden. This prevents a lot of break-in damage and the necessary further inconvenience.
    In addition to the standard alarm system packages, we also offer truly customised solutions. We look carefully at all the weak points of a house, and offer a perfect security solution for them.
    The alarm system sellers in Spain who often show up at your door uninvited, sell you a basic set of poor quality equipment for which you have to pay more and more every month, and which is not tailored to your needs.
    That is not how we work. We offer the best system for a one-off fee, and then you can enjoy it for life. People choose us deliberately so that they don’t have to pay a high monthly subscription fee. (And the fact that our systems are also of much higher quality is a nice side effect of course).
  4. Can you visit me and make me an offer?
    In principle, we do not visit you in advance to give you a quote. The prices of the systems are listed on our website, so you can always see and estimate what a system for your home approximately costs. If you do not know which package is most suitable for you, we will be pleased to advise you by telephone or e-mail. This way you always know approximately what a complete system will cost you.
    Need more or less products than are included in the package? No problem, we only charge you for what you actually need to secure your home.
    TIP: You can take photos or even a video of your garden via WhatsApp and send it to us, so that we have a good idea of the object to be protected. This way we can offer you a better quote than the standard package prices!
    Follow the WhatsApp link to open WhatsApp on your smartphone and contact us directly.
  5. What does free installation on 1st visit mean?
    It means that we can only install the products free of charge on our first visit to your home. In other words: We can only offer free installation if we only have to visit you once.
    If we cannot perform the installation right away because you want time to think about it, that is no problem. However, please note that you will incur higher costs than advertised if you have us come back at a later date.
    So it pays to have us do the installation right away, and this is also our strong preference.
    (We do this to avoid unnecessary time spent travelling, and so can keep costs down. Only this way can you benefit from free installation).
  6. What are the total costs of the alarm system including installation?
    We install our systems for free, which is a huge difference to many other installation companies.
    We are the only installation company that installs alarm systems for free without monthly fees.
    An average installation company charges between 400 and 1000 euros for the installation of an alarm system without monthly fees.
    Providers who sell you an alarm system with a monthly fee of 50 euros or more can of course charge you a lower installation fee because they know that you will be paying them 20.000 euros over the next 20-30 years because of the long-term contract you have with them.
    Almost all suppliers make you sign a contract for at least 3 and sometimes 5 years. (The seller then receives more commission).
    Therefore, it is important to realise that the systems we show on the website include free installation and no monthly fees.
    In the Torrevieja area there are no additional costs. Outside Torrevieja we only charge travel costs as an extra.
    If there are extra travel costs for your location, we will mention this when we make an appointment or consult you. We install up to approximately 200km from Torrevieja, throughout the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida.
    Please be aware that although we charge travel costs, we are always cheaper than a local installation company that normally charges 400 to 1000 euros (and sometimes more) in installation costs!
    We guarantee that we will always be cheaper than another local provider, provided you compare the same products we work with. Not every brand and model of alarm system is the same and equally good, of course.
  7. What does the price of an alarm system depend on?
    The cost of a complete alarm system depends on which package you choose. Indoor detection is cheaper than outdoor detection, but with outdoor detection you prevent actual break-ins. The siren sounds before the burglary can be started.
    There is already a complete indoor detection alarm system for 589 euros, including 3 detectors, remote control and siren. (Package A, this is also the most popular package for flats).
  8. You don’t know which package is right for you, or you want a combination of products?
    That is no problem. Providing customised solutions is our speciality.
    Our technicians can visit you and determine on site which products are most suitable. We work with fixed product prices and you only pay for the products that we actually use to secure your home. The installation of the products is always free of charge, there is only a one-time travel surcharge if you live far from Torrevieja.
  9. I see the Outdoor Detection Package D for € 749, is my house fully protected?
    That depends very much on the type and shape of the house. A detached house with 3 or 4 sides with windows and doors cannot be fully secured with the cheapest outdoor package. Yet some people think that this is possible. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Package D is capable of guarding 2 sides of maximum 10 metres. However, if there are large height differences or if the façade does not consist of one straight piece, but rather staggers, this is impossible with a single detector from this package.
    So what is package D suitable for? For houses with straight sides. Two sides can be monitored completely. Of course, it is possible to extend the package to cover more sides or inside areas.
    With package E you can monitor 4 sides, provided that the sides are straight. If your house has several façades that are offset, more or different detectors are required.
  10. You do not know which package is right for you, or you want a combination of products?
    That is no problem. Providing customised solutions is our speciality.
    Our technicians can visit you and determine on site which products are most suitable. We work with fixed product prices and you only pay for the products that we actually use for the security of your home. The installation of the products is always free during our first visit, there is only a one-time charge for travel costs if you do not live in Torrevieja.
  11. What is the difference between our systems and those of providers such as Securitas direct?
    Everything with us is different from everything with Securitas, and that is a good thing, because we, and not only we, are very dissatisfied with Securitas.
    It starts with the often rude and pushy salesmen who stand at your door uninvited to sell you a Securitas alarm system. Our employees do have manners.
    With us, you don’t have to sign a 3 or even 5-year contract and pay monthly for the security of your home. But there are more differences. Our alarm systems cannot be sabotaged without you knowing it. The Securitas alarm system can be completely shut down within one second so that not a single detection or report comes through, without the owner of the property ever knowing. That’s a good feeling, isn’t it?
    In addition, the overall quality of our systems cannot be compared to that of Securitas. Our alarm systems from AJAX and Hikvision always come out on top in the whole world. Our systems are free to use after a one-time payment of the purchase price. With Securitas, you are stuck with a monthly fee that increases every year, and if you decide to stop paying, the system becomes unusable and you can throw it away.
    We also offer real customisation with outdoor detection. Securitas does not offer customisation, they just try to complete as many installations as possible in one day and make customers sign a long contract, with lots of “small print”.
    We say it out loud: Optimal security as we offer it with outdoor detection is not offered by anyone else in our quality and for these prices.
  12. Does the alarm system also protect against squatters?
    In Spain, as a property owner, you only have 24 hours to a maximum of 48 hours to have squatters removed from your property by the police. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you are informed immediately if someone enters your home illegally. Our indoor detection packages do this immediately, and with outdoor detection you are even informed as soon as someone is in your garden instead of your home.
  13. What connection is required for the alarm system?
    The control unit requires a power connection and a working internet connection. The rest of the products are wireless. For locations where there is no permanent Internet, a SIM card can be used, which is available for 1 euro per month.
  14. The system works via the Internet, what if the Internet fails?
    You will receive an instant notification on your smartphone about a faulty internet connection, so you can fix it. The alarm system itself will continue to work even without an internet connection. The siren will continue to sound in case of a burglary detection. The burglary report will arrive on your phone as soon as the internet connection is re-established.
    If you use a SIM card in the unit, the notification will be received directly on your smartphone via the Ethernet connection, even without the internet. Each control room can even accommodate 2 SIM cards. In general, the fixed Internet connections are reliable enough to be optimally protected even without a SIM card, especially if you have a fibre optic connection.
  15. Are there monthly fees to use all functions of the system?
    No. All alarm systems we sell work without subscription fees. You do not pay for anything else after a one-off purchase.
    The system checks itself and will always independently report any defects to your smartphone. A maintenance contract is not necessary either.
  16. What is the service life of the batteries in the detectors?
    This varies between 3 and 7 years per detector. Batteries are easily available in our webshop for 2,95 euro each. If required, we can replace them for you, but this is also easy to do yourself.
  17. How does the alarm system work?
    Switching the alarm system on and off is possible via your own smartphone, but also with a remote control on your key ring. It is also possible to use a keypad or tag reader for switching on and off. The number of users that can operate the system is infinite.
  18. Which product is most often chosen as an extension to the packages shown?
    In addition to any additional motion detectors, one or more smoke detectors are often chosen. From mid-2022, it will be compulsory to have smoke detectors in every home in Europe!
    In addition, indoor detection systems can be fitted with an extra siren outside, or the indoor siren can be exchanged for an outdoor siren. With a loud siren on the facade, your house gets even more attention during a burglary.
  19. Is a wireless system safe and not easy to sabotage?
    It is very easy to sabotage the wireless signal in old-fashioned systems that work on Wi-Fi. For just a few euros, you can buy a Jammer to locally disable the Wi-Fi signal or GSM network so that burglar alarms are not received. So never buy a Wi-FI based system, or one that is only connected to a monitoring station with a SIM card.
    Note: Even the Securitas Direct / Verisure systems can be sabotaged within one second without anyone noticing, because they are only connected via a SIM card to an alarm center. If we can do it, so can any thief!
    Never buy, or rather rent (because you have to pay monthly for it) an alarm system that offers you so little security! (And the monthly rates go up every year!)
    Securitas claims that their system is the only alarm system that cannot be sabotaged because it uses “red ATN” via their own masts in Spain. This is outdated technology, and not of this modern age. They call it in Spanish “Alarma anti-inhibición Sentinel”. That Securitas is the only one with this sabotage detection is a lie, because there are more brands that monitor this better and more reliably. Examples are the systems of the brands AJAX and Hikvision.
    But even more important: Securitas “forgets” to mention that private persons are not connected to this so-called ATN network! (And that it costs extra money every month, and that it is only possible in certain regions in Spain, where their mast is).
    They also mention that jamming of the ATN signal is impossible. Unfortunately, this is again a lie because the ATN network is an ordinary “smallband” frequency signal that can be jammed for a few euros.
    But it does not stop with these lies, Securitas is spouting more nonsense, coming from representatives who will do anything to get their commission. They will tell you that the police will only come to your house if you have a Securitas alarm system. That is of course nonsense, the police always comes if a stranger is in your garden or driveway, regardless of the brand of alarm system. Our experience is that the police come faster if you contact them yourself, because reports from control rooms are often false, and therefore no longer get a “priority 1”.
  20. Why do many companies/sellers tell so many lies?
    To persuade you to buy an alarm system from them, so that they get commission on the sale. Often, you are not talking to the security company itself, but the person facing you is just a representative wearing a jacket from a certain company like Securitas. As soon as you have signed his contract, his money (commission) has been collected and you are no longer his “problem”. Everything is done to get you to sign the contract. Even if you already have a well-functioning alarm system in use, these types of people are not too shy to ring the doorbell and tell you how bad the system you are currently using is. (With the aim of getting you to buy their alarm system, and pay for it every month for the rest of your life).
    Want to hear more from us? We would be happy to come and meet you.
  21. Why are the alarm system brands we sell better?
    The alarm systems we offer never work on Wi-Fi, but on the Jeweller and Tri-X signal. These signals have a wireless range of 2000 metres from the Hub / control unit and are constantly monitored for disruption from the cloud via Ethernet. In case of intentional interference, this is immediately reported on your smartphone.
    Sabotage of the wireless signal will always be reported directly on your smartphone because the Cloud is monitoring it. This is a wired Ethernet connection and unlike the wireless ATN network mentioned above, it really cannot be disturbed because it is not wireless.
    This is the power of the modern alarm systems. Thanks to the Cloud, our alarm systems always offer more security than any ATN network.
  22. Can the system be connected to an alarm centre?
    This is possible, but not often advised. An alarm centre may only call the police if several detectors have gone into alarm, and only after they have spoken to you, the owner. Valuable time is lost with this. A direct burglary report on your own smartphone is quicker and free of charge, and you then call the police, who will give your report top priority.
  23. According to many sellers, the police will not come if you do not have an emergency room contract. Is this true?
    No, that is absolutely not true. Only the salesmen who try to get you to sign an expensive monitoring contract tell you this nonsense.
    Of course, the police always come to you when you call them to tell you that there is a stranger in your garden or house. An expensive monitoring station subscription is therefore a complete waste of money. You are much quicker to call the police yourself if necessary.
  24. Not every seller or installer is the same. What does this mean for reliability?
    We install several alarm systems every day, and therefore hear from every customer why they contacted us and why they let us do the installation. This provides interesting information about what is going on in the region. We are also regularly contacted because another installer is suddenly no longer available, which means we have to deal with already existing systems from which we can remove the errors, such as false alarms. It strikes us that the choice other installers make to secure a home is often different than the way we would secure a home. With fewer detectors, we would often be able to create a better security system, which also does not cause false alarms, so that you would end up paying less.
    What we want to say is this: Many installers do not give enough thought to the installation and detector choice for a home. They think that being ready quickly is more important than getting the best result for the customer. That is not how we work. For us, quality is more important than doing one or more installations in a week. If you really want the best alarm installed for your available budget, we guarantee that our offer is the best!
  25. What is the best brand of alarm system in 2022?
    We have written an extensive article about this, which you can read HERE.
  26. What projects have we recently completed?
    We have been active in the sale of alarm systems since 2019. Since then, we have sold and installed thousands of systems. More and more often, we were asked if they could come and see how a system works in advance, and what the possibilities were of a particular brand of alarm system. Of course, you can come to us for a demonstration, but sometimes our customers live up to 200 km away. That also costs the customer a lot of time for a demonstration.
    This gave us the idea in the beginning of 2022 to write a page of installations that we have carried out. We call this page our projects page. On it, we show some of the installations we have carried out.
    (At the moment the page is only available in Dutch, but an English translation will be available soon).

    We will never tell you all our secrets, and we won’t show you everything, but it will give you a better idea of what we install and in what kind of homes, and what the function of a certain type of detector is. This way you can better assess whether these systems can also contribute to a better security of your home.
    We never take pictures inside the house, and you will only find projects of installations with outdoor detection. But we install in flats as well as in expensive million-dollar villas. So take a look at the homes we have already secured.
  27. Can the system also be viewed in working order?
    Yes, if you are not yet fully convinced of the beautiful security solutions we have to offer, we would like to invite you to one of the many show houses we have, all equipped with outdoor detection.
    While enjoying a cup of coffee, we will show you what the alarm systems we offer are capable of. We are sure that you will be at least as enthusiastic as we are.

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