BBC Watchdog – What you need to know

TV broadcasts:

In the Netherlands, the ACM has reprimanded the company Verisure (known as Securitas Direct in Spain) for showing images of the police control room in their TV ads to give consumers the impression that there is a cooperation with the police, which is not the case!
In addition, the Dutch TV programme Radar made an episode about the problems people face once they have signed a contract with Verisure / Securitas Direct.
Source: TV programme Radar, aired 22 April 2024.
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Incidentally, Verisure / Securitas Direct has frequently been in the news negatively for misleading consumers and mis-selling their products. Not only in the Netherlands and Spain, but also in the UK.
Watch the sales techniques in the BBC Watchdog broadcast:
Verisure exposed on BBC watchdog with secret recordings to expose misleading salesmen and tactical sales techniques under pressure. 

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What you need to know about the police control room

Many providers try to persuade you to choose their alarm system because they claim it is connected to the police control room. Unfortunately, this is not true!
As a private individual, you will never be connected to any government agency that includes the police.
If there is no notification to the police anyway, it immediately becomes a lot less interesting to pay monthly for an alarm system.
But where will the system be connected to? That is a private monitoring centre.
With any luck, it will call you if there is a break-in. We deliberately say with a bit of luck, because our experience is that in 8 out of 10 times even that call doesn’t happen.
Indeed, if a burglar uses a Jammer, and your alarm system has no Jamming detection, no notification will arrive at the monitoring station at all!
As a result, the probability of you being called is reduced to 0, and the added value of a monitoring station is also completely lost. You will then not be aware of a real break-in.

The next time a salesperson or representative tells you that their alarm system is connected to the police, you will know that this person is blatantly lying!