This is how the price of a complete system is determined

People who are interested in an alarm system would like to know what it would cost for their home and therefore ask for a quote. Normally, someone will visit you to determine what is needed and then quote a price.

We carry out installations in a large area of Spain, particularly within a 200km radius of Torrevieja / Alicante. Because our customers come from such a large area, it is not possible to just “drop by” to have a look and make an offer.

Making an offer is also no longer of this time. It costs unnecessary money for the customer because the costs that such visits entail for us have to be passed on to the customer, and unnecessary time is lost, which we would rather spend on making our customers’ homes safer. So we have found a solution that will still give you a good idea of the total cost, without us having to visit you first.

With us, you only pay for the products that we actually use in an installation, with an additional installation price based on location. So your location determines the starting price, and each product that we install is added to that. If you know approximately what you need, you also know the total price. Don’t know what you need yet? Then you can view our packages on the main page, or ask us for advice. We are at your service 7 days a week.

What do the products that you need cost?

On our main page you will find sample starter kits for both indoor and outdoor detection. This is the price of the products combined that are in that package. With such packages, a normal sized house can often be properly secured.

The packages indicate how many areas or distances you can monitor with it, so that you can get an idea of which package is most suitable for you, and whether expansion is required. If you need more detectors, or want to expand with smoke detectors for example, you can do so at the product price as shown in the web shop of the respective alarm system brand.

For the prices of each individual product, please visit our webshops:

Installation price based on location + products = Total price

On our main page you will see a map with colour rings. Depending on your location and the corresponding colour ring, you will pay the corresponding installation price. The package price plus the installation price at your location is the total price. You will see that installations in our own environment are carried out entirely free of charge, and that you only pay for the products.

If we are allowed to visit you, it is necessary that you are sure you want us to install the system for you, and that you are aware of the costs we charge. In summary, these are the real product prices of the products we use during installation, and the installation price that belongs to your location.

Maintenance costs are negligible…

All alarm systems we offer are completely wireless, so no breaking and chopping is needed. There are never any monthly fees.
The only costs you can expect in the future are the costs for replacing the battery in the detector. This replacement can easily be done by yourself. The batteries in our alarm systems last for years, and as soon as they need replacing, this will be indicated in good time in the App on your smartphone. The price of these Duracell batteries is €2.95 each.

The systems check themselves for correct operation every minute of the day. Additional subscriptions for maintenance are therefore not necessary. If you would like us to replace the batteries in the future, this can of course be done in consultation.

Why install an alarm system with us?

  • We only install the best 2 brands of alarm systems which are made to last a lifetime.
  • Clear price structure of our alarm systems and installation price.
  • No hidden costs or subscriptions after a one-off payment for the products.
  • Preventing burglaries instead of noticing them is our number one goal, and achievable thanks to the application of outdoor detection.
  • A fair price for what you get installed, only pay for the products we actually install
  • We beat any quote from other installers, we are thousands of euros cheaper for larger installations. An average home can save up to 800 euros compared to other providers
  • Many other providers work with an alarm system on a rental basis, as soon as you stop the monthly payment, the alarm system is removed or made unusable again. Not with us, you are always the owner of the alarm system.
  • All systems can cope well with pets. No false alarms for pets, but direct alarms for real intruders.
  • 7 Days a week support in your own language, by phone as well as on location.
  • Any malfunctions will be resolved within 24 hours if the system was installed by us, guaranteed!
  • Easy to transfer from your old home to your new home, so future proof.
  • We secure flats, but also detached villas in the higher price class.
  • For large houses in the higher price range, we do offer the option to discuss the possibilities in advance on location, so that you are optimally aware of the latest techniques in the field of security that we have to offer.

Tips for deciding which alarm system package is right for you

Zone red:
Inside detection – Free of charge / Outside detection – €100

Zone orange:
Inside detection – €75,- / Outside detection – €125,-

Zone yellow:
Inside detection – €100,- / Outside detection – €150,-

Dark green zone:
Inside detection – €125,- / Outside detection – €175,-

Zone light green:
Inside detection – €175,- / Outside detection – €200,-

Zone blue:
Inside detection – €200,- / Outside detection – €225,-

Zone purple:
Inside detection – €225,- / Outside detection – €250,-

Pink zone:
Inside detection – €250,- / Outside detection – €300,-

Outside the pink circle (Moraira / Javea / Denia / Lorca):
Inside detection: €300,- / Outside detection: €350,-

We only work with the best 2 brands of alarm systems in the security field. Both AJAX and Hikvision offer qualities you won’t find in any other brand of alarm system.

These are complete packages to secure a normal-sized home. They will tell you exactly how many rooms and windows or doors you can monitor.

Of course, we also offer customised solutions for larger homes, so that the home meets your security needs optimally. We have experience with simple flats, but also with expensive villas worth millions.

The indoor detection packages shown are often equipped with 3 motion detectors, so you can secure 3 rooms within the house. The shown outdoor detection packages are standard equipped with detectors especially for outdoor and indicate how many sides of the house can be protected, and which area in your garden or driveway.

With outdoor detection, burglaries are really prevented because the siren sounds before a burglar can start his break-in attempt. Experience shows that a burglar leaves immediately after hearing the siren, and does not try to force his way in. A burglar prefers the simplest homes, without burglar detection, and certainly not homes where detection already takes place in the garden or driveway. The sooner a burglar is spotted, the sooner the police can arrive. Detection in your garden is therefore the best place to detect it.

Of course, outdoor detection is not possible in every home. In flats or houses without an enclosed garden, you can choose indoor detection only, or a small part outdoors. Do you have doubts about which package is suitable for you, or do you want to choose a package in consultation with us, please contact us. With a few specific questions, we can already give you a good idea of what package you need, but also what any necessary extensions will cost in order to secure your home as optimally as possible.

See all prices and possibilities on the main page:

Inside detection Outdoor detection Cameras

Our conviction

We are convinced that our expertise, accuracy, way of working and service cannot be compared to the Spanish standard.
And that for really the lowest price, and in your own language.

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Preventing real break-ins with outdoor detection, this is how we do it:

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