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Securing your (holiday) home in Javea is a pure necessity.

Every week we hear of a burglary somewhere in Javea that could have been easily prevented.
Unfortunately, people only start looking for an alarm system after a burglary in their home, and that is a shame.

Do not become a victim of theft, secure your home before it is too late.
We offer security at a fair price, without monthly fees!

We believe that a burglar should be detected and chased away before he arrives at your home.
This detection can already take place outside the home thanks to our reliable wireless systems.
Without any hacking and breaking, so that real break-ins are prevented.

With our alarm systems, the siren sounds even before an intruder can start breaking in. Sounds good, right?
Of course, all alerts are also sent to your own smartphone so you can call the local police,
or have someone else in the area take a look at your home.

Experience shows that burglars leave immediately if the siren sounds before they have even started their burglary attempt.

An optional control room connection is possible, but there are conditions attached before they can contact the police.
We always advise you to contact the police yourself. They always come, and quickly, when contacted by the owner of the property.
The local police in Javea can be easily reached by telephone from Ireland and England.

A fair price for the security of your property in Javea

Have you also noticed that when you buy a property in Javea Spain, there are several sales representatives at your door every day, trying to push you into buying an alarm system? Do you know why?

In Spain, large security companies are tipped off by the cadastre or other authority about which properties have been sold, in return for payment, and then send a horde of representatives. These representatives all work on commission to get you an alarm system.

We emphasise “sell” because these representatives are not concerned about your safety. They are only interested in one thing: a signature on a 3-year contract so that they can collect their commission!
You are told one lie after another, and to add to the pressure, the same offer that they have had for 30 years is only valid for 24 hours. We find it amazing that so many people still fall for this every day.

A quick chat for a signature on a 3-year strangling contract, don’t fall for it!

What they offer: They often offer you a free system, or for just a few hundred euros, in exchange for a long-term subscription. You get a simple, cheap alarm system installed, which you can no longer use once you stop paying for it.

The result: As soon as you find out that the system is not working properly, these companies are suddenly unreachable or can only speak Spanish.
The salesman who sold you the system at the door is only there to sell, so if there are problems, you are not his problem, his loot is in the bag.

What also continues is the 3-year contract, and preferably for a longer period. Always read the online reviews on Google carefully before doing business with a security company! Large companies always score very badly on customer satisfaction. A common complaint is that cancelling the subscription is a hassle. Also remember that an alarm system with a contract will cost you at least 1800 euros excluding system and installation costs for the first fixed period of 3 years!

This amount is far too much for the quality of the system you get installed and the lack of service that comes with it. So don’t fall for the sales pitches of these representatives, and take extra care of your belongings if you don’t accept their offer.

You can buy a much better alarm system for the subscription fee that you are guaranteed to lose for the first 3 years. This is based on a one-off purchase for the system, with no further monthly costs.

So just shut the door when another line of salespeople come to your door, because you are guaranteed to pay too much, and not get quality.

A fair price is important to us

In order to offer you a fair price for the best alarm system available, we do not work with representatives. With us, you deal directly with people who do care about your safety! We want to secure your home as if it were our own precious possession, without it costing you 50 euros or more every month.

Paying monthly for the security of your home in Javea is a thing of the past with the most modern security systems from our range.

Find out what security in Javea really costs, fully installed by us

We only work with the best 2 brands in the security field. Both AJAX and Hikvision offer qualities that you will not find in any other brand.

On our installation page we show the prices of some packages you can choose for the security of your home.

These are complete packages to secure an entire home. The number of rooms and windows or doors that can be monitored is specified. Of course, we also offer tailor-made solutions, so that the house fulfils your security wishes optimally. We have experience with simple flats, but also with expensive villas worth millions.

For the price of a complete system including installation in Javea, you can simply consult our installation page.

About us

Alarm-system.es is part of Best-alarm-system.eu

We install alarm systems of only the best brands, in a radius of 200KM around Torrevieja, Spain.
Fully wireless, so no cutting and breaking work. We also do online sales through our webshops.

Our hobby has become our profession, actually preventing break-ins by applying the latest security techniques.

  • We focus on outdoor detection whenever possible. Detecting a burglar as quickly as possible is what we want. Preventing a real burglary is our number one priority.
  • We offer the best security for every budget. If outside detection is not possible for your home, because it is a flat for example, then we install the best security possible inside.
  • We receive monthly videos of failed burglary attempts by criminals from our customers where we have installed cameras and alarms. We are quite proud of that!
  • All products come with a minimum of 2 years warranty, and home service.
  • We always solve problems within 24 hours. Nobody can do that for us.
  • The system works without monthly costs, and you are always the full owner of the system. The entire installation and operation is done via your own smartphone.
  • Many other providers work with an alarm system on a rental or contract basis. As soon as you stop paying monthly fees, the system is removed or becomes unusable. Not with us! With us, you pay a one-off amount, and you enjoy it for life.

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