Alarm package 3

Alarmsysteem woning Spanje

Alarm package 3

1 Hub (central unit)
1 motion detector
1 indoor siren
1 remote control
2 outdoor surveillance cameras
1 warning sign (A4 format)
Price: € 749,- including VAT

Alarm package 3 is perfect for securing the most important room in your home, the living room.
As soon as someone enters your living room, a loud siren will chase away the intruder.

Thanks to the 2 fully wireless outdoor cameras, the intruder is also already captured on video. You can easily view and download the camera’s recordings with your smartphone. You can also have the camera send a notification directly to your smartphone as soon as it detects an unwanted person. This way, you are already aware of a burglary attempt before it has occurred.

The cameras are fully wireless and run on WiFi and a built-in battery that lasts for 1 year. After that, you simply recharge the battery with the included charging cable. The alarm system’s batteries last even 5 years.

The detector of the alarm system can monitor an area of 15×15 metres.
Pets up to 80 cm high and up to 30 kg are no problem thanks to the possibility of putting these detectors in a special pet mode.

The indoor siren will chase away any intruder thanks to its 110db siren.
The remote control has a range of more than 900 metres.
This allows you to arm and disarm the system throughout your entire street.
Of course, you can also control everything with your smartphone, worldwide.

In the event of a burglary, the siren will sound for a pre-agreed time unit.
Of course, you can always stop the siren yourself prematurely using your smartphone.

The warning sign on the facade already warns potential burglars that their arrival will not go unnoticed.

All components are completely wireless, with the exception of the central unit, called Hub.

alarmsysteem simkaart

No fixed internet available, or extra protection in case of power/internet failure?
Then get a SIM card subscription for just € 49,95 per year.

With a SIM card in the control centre, you continue to receive all notifications on your smartphone as usual. Even if your home is left without power and internet, the alarm system remains fully operational and sends out burglar alerts whenever a break-in occurs.


You can fully control the system with your smartphone

Smartphone Eufy 02

Aan uit
Switching on and off
Control your alarm system worldwide

Alarm notifications
Receive notification messages directly on all your smartphones

Live Video
Watch your home and also listen in live, you can even speak back

Why have an alarm system installed through us?

Because with us, you do pay a fair price for the security of your home!
We do not like to foist a subscription on you when it is not necessary.

No fancy sales pitches at the door where three quarters of them are a lie,
but a quality system that really protects you against intruders.

We like honesty, but we hear around us that not every security company likes it.
That is why we want to warn you:
Many providers unfortunately lie about how their alarm system is protected against sabotage of the wireless signal.
Because modern systems are wireless, this is the easiest way to sabotage a system.

If there is no control over interference with the wireless signal, an alarm system is unreliable.
Big companies claim that sabotage is controlled, however, nothing could be further from the truth!

Always ask how tampering is controlled, and do not accept an evasive answer.
Where possible, check if what the provider in question says is true, because representatives talk to secure their commission and really do tell you the biggest nonsense. All for that one scribble on that overpriced contract you are struggling to get rid of.

Our working method is unique

In fact, we are one of the few companies in Europe that install these quality alarm systems.
Without monthly fees, and where you become the owner of the system yourself!

Many other providers such as Securitas Direct / Verisure work with an alarm system on a rental basis, or contract basis.
As soon as you stop paying monthly, the system is removed or unusable!

Not with us!
With us, you pay a one-off fee and then you enjoy it for life.

No one else in Spain can match us!

Save tens of thousands of euros on the security of your home,
and switch to a better and cheaper alarm system.

With our alarm systems, thieves will prefer your neighbours!

Make your choice to view another package, or contact us.

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